Department of International Welfare & Business Daytime Course (2 Years)

New Student Capacity: 40 (Total Capacity: 80)

Many eastern Asian countries have an aging population, and the training of personnel to take on the nursing care needs is a hugely important theme.
Here at the Department of International Welfare & Business, students can learn a wide array of subjects such as nursing care knowledge, techniques, facility management, business operation, etiquette, and more.

Who may apply

International students with an understanding of welfare who have acquired at least N2 qualification in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and who intend to seek welfare related employment in Japan or their home country after graduation.

Class attendance required to graduate
Year 1: 880 hours Year 2: 850 hours
Total: 1,730 hours

Enrolment to Graduation

Year 1

Basic Studies

  • Knowledge & Techniques of Welfare
    Basics of Social Welfare
    Basics of Nursing
    Care 1
    Communication Skills 1
    Living Support Techniques 1
  • Medical Treatment
    Understanding Dementia
    Understanding Disabilities
    How the Mind and Body Work 1
  • Applied Business & Etiquette
    Business Communication 1
    Business Information Processing 1
    Career Planning 1
  • General Studies
    Social Studies
    Japanese Culture 1
Year 2

Applied Learning

  • Knowledge & Techniques of Welfare
    Basics of Nursing
    Care 2
    Communication Skills 2
    Living Support Techniques 2
  • Medical Treatment
    How the Mind and Body Work 2
  • Applied Business & Etiquette
    Business Communication 2
    Business Information Processing 2
    Career Planning 2
  • General Studies
    Japanese Culture 2
    Understanding Facilities
    Facility Management
    Welfare around the World

General Learning 1 & 2
Visit/training at facility
Other learning excursions off campus

Total hours

Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Approved ‘Specialist’ Qualification
After Graduation
Employment in a welfare facility in home country
(as nursing care worker or administrative staff)
Employment in a business related corporation in Japan
(International project staff)

Employment Support Service

At Tokyo International Welfare College, we start employment support at an early stage, and carry out regular individual consultations in order to help students find a specific place of employment that they would like to work at. Our one-on-one counselling and seamless support ensures that all our students get to choose the most suitable and best future for them.

Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff are highly-knowledgeable and experienced in all fields of welfare.

Learning Environment


Students can engage in efficient learning thanks to the wide variety of amenities at our college.

Welfare and nursing care facilities are equipped with various equipment to provide even a little more comfort to those in care.
At Tokyo International Welfare College, we use teaching methods incorporating actual care facility amenities to ensure that our students can develop the specific skills involved.

Nursing Care Training Room

Bathing Training Room

Food Preparation Training Room


Music Room / Piano Lesson Room

Computer Skills Room

School Overview

We pray that even one more person who shares a passion for creating a positive welfare environment where everyone can equally enjoy living well may come to our college to learn and continue to work on the front line of nursing care in the future.

Chancellor & Chairperson Tetsukazu Takeda
President, Social Welfare Corporation Tokyo Mutsumi-kai
Executive Director & Overseas Student Committee Chairperson,
Association for Technical and Career Education
Vice-Chairperson & International Exchange Project Committee Chairperson,
Metropolitan Tokyo Professional Institution Association

School Overview

Tokyo International Welfare College (Social Welfare Diploma Course)
  • Department of Care & Welfare (2-Year Course)
    Care & Welfare Worker Training Faculty approved by the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare
    *Care & Welfare Worker National Examination Qualification bestowed on graduation.
  • Department of Parenting Support (2-Year Course)
    Childcare Worker Training Faculty approved by the Minister of Health,Labor, and Welfare
    *Childcare National Qualification bestowed on graduation
  • Department of International Welfare & Business (2-Year Course)
  • Department of Practical Nursing Care (1-Year Course)
  • Department of Welfare & Communication (1-Year Course)
Major Affiliated Organizations
  • Japan Association of Training Institutions for Certified Care Workers
  • National Council for Childcare Training(Foundation)
Affiliated Schools / Corporations
  • Social Welfare Corporation Tokyo Mutsumi-kai

Partner Colleges

Tokyo Foreign Language College
  • Interpreting & Translation Studies (2 Years)
    Japanese-Chinese Interpretation Course
    Korean-Japanese Interpretation Course
  • Department of Global Japan Studies (2 Years)
    Business Japanese Course
    Tourism Japanese Course
  • Department of Global Communication Studies (2 Years)
    Japan-Vietnam Business Course
    Network Business Course
  • Japanese Course
    (Full Day 1-year Course/1½-year Course; Half Day 1½-year Course/2-year Course)
Japanese Language Institute of TFLC
2-year Course
1½-year Course
Major Affiliated Organizations
  • National Association of Colleges for Japanese Language Education
  • Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education
  • Japan Immigration Association
Affiliated Schools / Corporations
  • International Exchange & Education Support Association
  • Beijing Foreign Studies University, School of Chinese Language and Literature, Tokyo Office

Affiliated Institutions

National Association of Vocational Schools of Japan Association for Technical and Career Education Metropolitan Tokyo Professional Institution Association Promotion for Private Technical Schools of Japan


Nippon Radio Techniques Institute established.
(Parent institution of Tokyo Foreign Language College)
Denshi Gakuen (Electronics Education Institute) established.
Shinjuku Foreign Language Academy established in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Nippon Radio Techniques Institute.
Special training school certification received. (September)
Shinjuku Foreign Language Academy changed its name to Tokyo Foreign Language College.
Supporting foundation changed to Tokyo International Academy.
Japanese Course launched at Tokyo International Academy; Japanese language classes for non-Japanese nationals started.
Tokyo International Welfare Collage established as an annex school.
Tokyo Foreign Language College enters 35th year of establishment.
Tokyo International Welfare Collage enters 20th year of establishment.
Japanese Language Institute of TFLC opened.


The closest station, Shinjuku-gyoemmae, is just two stations away from Shinjuku Station on the Marunouchi Line making it very easy to access. Being able to reach the college in 20 minutes on foot from Shinjuku Station while getting in some window shopping is also one of the merits of our college.